Monday, July 21, 2014

Business Analysis Techniques

Change is one thing common in every line of business. It can happen with the change in customer expectations, advancement in technology, social and legal environments and many more things. 

The degree at which change happens to a business will vary from business to business.  The success or even existence to a certain extent of a business depends on the ability to adapt to the change.  The faster a business can respond to the changes, it will eventually emerge as the winner.  Change is the essence of life.

How to tackle the changes in a business environment?  How to find an optimum solution for a challenge?  How to adapt the right approach, so that the challenge can be converted into an opportunity? How to understand the ‘real’ problem?  What needs to be done?  What is the best that we can do for these?  What are the alternatives?

A typical day of a Business Analyst begins and ends with such scenarios.  As a Business Analyst, you need to find the best alternatives considering various factors like business, socio-economical, political and variety of other constraints. 

For a Business Analyst, he needs to have two things to leverage: Business Domain Knowledge as well as his Business Analytical Skills.  As a Business Analyst, you need to perform various tasks from various knowledge areas.  This can be in succession or in parallel.  In order to do a task there are various techniques.  Some of the techniques are common to many tasks while some are unique.  Your knowledge and expertise on variety of techniques will differentiate you from the rest. 

Good news, techniques can be learned.  If you understand various techniques along with its proper usage considerations, you have attained the ability to become an outstanding Business Analyst.

Through this series, I am going to take a closer look at the various techniques and its strength & weakness.  In my experience how they have influenced the Business Analysis and requirements management engagements. 
Starting on 28th July, on every Monday, I am going to take a technique and put down my thoughts and experience.  Hope this adds some value to you. 

Happy Reading.