Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why every business needs a Business Analyst?

This is one of the best time in history to do business anywhere in the world. Technology is skyrocketing.  Many new business models once unimaginable are now around us. 

Any business, whether it is small, medium or big, is challenged on a daily basis with the change in the environment.  The difference is only in magnitude, but the challenge is the same to cope up with the ever-increasing competition and customer expectations.  Only those who can adapt to change, to the degree and speed at which it happens, are going to survive. 

The Role of Business Analysis
Change is a pain.  If you need to embrace any business change, whether at a departmental level or at an organizational level, you need to undergo a tough time - the time for transition from old to new.  It could be a completely new way of doing things, a small change to the existing one or even an automation of some process through computerization.  Any of the above is a process change that demands a smooth transition. 

A systematic approach and adoption of a few Business Analysis techniques comes handy at this point.  Here we need more of an objective approach than an emotional one.  (Many a times changes are forced to enact with much of emotions!).  A non-biased objective approach, with the consideration of the present and future processes (as-is and to-be) along with a fine-tuning in alignment with the organizational culture, is often required. An independent team apart from the direct stakeholders or departments is required to do this effectively. 

In other worlds, a small Business Analysis team is required.  This BA team will do the balancing act between the various parties that are affected with the change.

Company, be it big or small  Business Analyst is a must! 
Today when you look at the market dynamics, whether you are a small company or a big company, you need to act very fast.  You need to respond fast to the ever-changing customer expectations. 

Whenever we need to act fast, the probability of influence of subjectivity or bias comes into the picture.  This will have a deep impact on the decisions. The only way to minimize this is to have a Business Analyst, who can judge the situation, with appropriate Business Analysis techniques, and derive alternative solutions.  This will surely give room to think and force you to take the right decision.  Slowly the organization will come to a maturity level where, it can think proactive rather than react to the situation. 

In my opinion, the role of a Business Analyst is as much critical as the customer support department.  I specifically mention about customer support because, off late, many of the businesses have understood the value of it.  Business Analyst or his services are yet to get into that kind of an awareness level.  Surely the awareness is growing.  The days are not far away to have a Business Analyst in every organization. 

To me, the future of any business success predominantly depends on the speed at which it can respond to the technology, market or customer demands. This means that every business has to be agile.  Every business needs to embrace changes very frequently.  There will be always a small or big process change to cope up with these changing scenarios.  A domain expert, well trained in Business Analysis techniques, is going to be an integral part of any business sooner or later. 

I foresee a tremendous scope in the coming days for you as a Business Analyst.  I am sure, as a BA, you will not find a better place than Dubai to be in; one of the vibrant, aggressive and upcoming world’s favorite business destinations.  Enhance your skills and embrace a bright career. Mastering Business Analysis wishes you all the very best!

Happy Reading!